475-787 Composite Repair for Technicians - Courses

Name: 787 Composite Repair for Technicians Advance Structures

This course prepares the student to perform bonded and bolted repairs to the 787 composite structures. It includes bonded repairs to 787 sandwich and solid laminate composite structure and bolted repairs to the 787 fuselage skin and stringers. The majority of the repair training for this course is conducted in a lab environment and includes hands-on repair exercises using actual 787 parts and the 787 structural repair manual.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course the student will be able to: 

  • Identify the types and applications of composite materials on the 787.
  • Identify the principal steps in the bonded and bolted 787 SRM composite repair processes.
  • Identify composite repair facility and material storage requirements.
  • Manage cure cycles and thermocouples.
  • Perform vacuum bagging procedures with leak test verification.
  • Taper sand and locate ply boundaries and orientations.
  • Perform wet lay-up and high temperature prepreg bonded repairs to carbon sandwich facesheets, cores, and edge bands.
  • Use specialized equipment like Heatcon hotbonders.
  • Perform a double vacuum bag debulk (DVD) process.
  • Perform a 787 bonded fuselage skin repair.
  • Perform a 787 bolted fuselage skin and stringer repair.
  • Form and stress relieve titanium angles for fuselage stringer repairs.
  • Perform a Quick Composite Repair.


  • 787 Composite Structure
    • Composite Materials
    • Repair Processing Materials
    • Repair Tooling, Facilities, Safety, Storage
    • Damage Inspection
    • Part Drawings
    • Applications
  • 787 SRM Processes
    • Composite Allowable and Repairable Damage Limit Assessment
    • Prepreg Composite Sandwich Repair Process
    • Wet Layup Composite Sandwich Repair Process
    • Quick Composite Repair Process
    • 787 Fuselage Skin Bonded Repair Process
    • Double Vacuum Bag Debulk Process
    • 787 Fuselage Skin Bolted Repair Process
  • Practical Repair Lab Exercises
    • Prepreg Core and Facesheet Repair
    • Wet Layup Core and Facesheet Repair
    • Edgeband Repair
    • Thermal Survey
    • Quick Composite Repair
    • Fuselage Skin Repair
    • Double Vacuum Bag Debulk Procedure
    • Fuselage Skin Bolted Repair
    • Fuselage Stringer Bolted Repair with Titanium Formed Angle
    • Titanium Angle Forming
Duration: 15 days

Location: Miami and Singapore

This course is intended for Boeing 787 composite structural repair technicians who have attended the Boeing 787 Structural Repair Manual course (662).

Locations Offered:
  • Singapore Campus
  • 30 Changi North Rise, #01-01
    Singapore, 498780
    Republic of Singapore
    Phone: 65 6309 1500
    FAX: 65 6309 1580

  • Miami Campus
  • 6601 NW 36th Street
    Miami, FL 33166-6922
    United States
    Phone: (786) 265-7707
    FAX: (786) 265-4760

Course Syllabus No syllabus available
Price: $11,200.00 (plus tax where applicable)