466-Basic Composite Repair for Technicians - Courses

Name: 466-Basic Composite Repair for Technicians

This course prepares the student to perform bonded repairs to composite sandwich structure. It includes a combination of lecture and practical hands-on exercises in which students make wet layup and prepreg bonded repairs to carbon facesheets and honeycomb cores.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Identify the types and applications of composite materials on Boeing aircraft.
  • Identify the principal steps in common SRM composite repair processes.
  • Find SRM composite repair options and allowable damage limits.
  • Identify composite repair facility and material storage requirements.
  • Manage cure cycles and thermocouples.
  • Perform vacuum bagging procedures with leak test verification.
  • Taper sand and locate ply boundaries and orientations.
  • Use specialized equipment like Heatcon hotbonders.
  • Perform wet lay-up and prepreg bonded repairs to carbon sandwich facesheets and honeycomb core.


  • Composite Structure
    • Materials
    • Applications
    • Repair Processing Materials
    • Repair Tooling, Facilities, Safety, Storage
  • Composite Damage Inspection
  • SRM Processes
    • Composite Allowable and Repairable Damage Limit Assessment
    • Prepreg Repair Process
    • Wet Layup Repair Process
  • Practical Lab Exercises
    • Prepreg Core and Facesheet Repair Lab Exercises
    • Wet Layup Core and Facesheet Repair Lab Exercises

Length:  5 days

Locations: Miami and Singapore

This course is intended for composite aircraft structural repair technicians.

Locations Offered:
  • Miami Campus
  • 6601 NW 36th Street
    Miami, FL 33166-6922
    United States
    Phone: (786) 265-7707
    FAX: (786) 265-4760

  • Singapore Campus
  • 30 Changi North Rise, #01-01
    Singapore, 498780
    Republic of Singapore
    Phone: 65 6309 1500
    FAX: 65 6309 1580

Course Syllabus No syllabus available
Price: $3,900.00 (plus tax where applicable)