460-Corrosion Prevention and Control - Courses

Name: Corrosion Prevention and Control
Description: This course provides airline engineers and maintenance technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a corrosion prevention and control program for transport aircraft. Topics include corrosion basics, contributing causes of corrosion, forms of corrosion, indications of corrosion, inspection methods for corrosion, corrective actions, preventive maintenance, examples of corrosion problems, and the industry Corrosion Prevention and Control Program.

Objectives: This course satisfies ATA 104 Level IV objectives. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to: Explain the basics of corrosion and identify three conditions necessary for corrosion to occur. Identify the forms of corrosion found during normal aircraft maintenance and their contributing causes. Identify indications of corrosion on aircraft structures and inspection methods to detect and evaluate the size of the corrosion damage. Describe the corrective actions necessary to correctly remove corrosion found on aircraft structure and repair the damage. Identify preventive processes and maintenance actions to eliminate or minimize corrosion problems. Identify the areas of special concern based on the latest operator reported corrosion experiences and proposed solutions. Identify available resources within Boeing to help solve corrosion-related problems. Explain the reasons why there is a need for a comprehensive Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP) within each airline maintenance organization. Understand economic consequences of poor preventive maintenance or delayed corrective actions for corrosion control.

Duration: Approximately 3 training days
Locations Offered:
  • Seattle Campus
  • 1301 SW 16th Street
    Renton, WA 98055
    United States
    Phone: 1-206-662-4088
    FAX: 1-206-662-3534

Course Syllabus No syllabus available
Price: $1,450.00 (plus tax where applicable)